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The New Challenge of Polo Storico Is Called Countach


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A Countach LP400 of 1975 owned by a Japanese customer was delivered to Polo Storico in February 2017 to be totally restored. The car arrived in the shade of red, but it was originally metallic blue as demonstrated by traces discovered on the body after the paint was completely stripped with water. 

Although it is one of the only 150 Lamborghini Countach Periscopicas produced, this car does not have the “periscope”, that is the opening on the roof characteristic of the first LP400s, then abandoned for the subsequent versions.
After the complete overhaul the chassis underwent cataphoresis treatment in order protect it from oxidation and corrosion. The tinsmithing and bodywork processes have just been finished, and preparation for the paintwork is about to begin. Overhaul of the engine and mechanical components, as well as the rebuilding of the cable harness of the electrical system, are proceeding in parallel. The interiors in black leather will also be recreated.

Stay tuned…

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