Cropped image showing a white Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Coupé with focus on the twin tailpipes

Design Redefinition of aesthetics.

The Gallardo 560-4 Coupé combines an aggressive muscular shape with simple, elegant contours. The redesigned front end is characterized by triangular and trapezoidal forms - two shapes that are highly typical of the Lamborghini design language.
The new look has been enriched with larger air intakes ahead of the front wheels and new 19-inch "Apollo polished" alloy wheels, painted in matte black and featuring spokes in polished silver.
The new rear end of the car emphasizes the design's horizontal orientation by creating the impression of a low-slung car that adheres to the road.

Cropped image of a Gallardo 560-4 Coupé showing the dark interiors and half of the steering wheel

DRIVABILITY First-class driving pleasure.

Sport, luxury, functionality, and a high degree of safety form the core attributes of the Gallardo 560-4 Coupè that only Lamborghini is able to deliver, together with high-precision driving and effective handling, thanks to the 4WD concept. The ergonomics are studied to ensure every button and knob is immediately reachable, allowing the driver the luxury of concentrating chiefly on the fun of driving.

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