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Huracan STO 3D
  • Full-page three-quarter view of a white Lamborghini Silhouette parked on the street beside a perimeter fence. The overlay reads: Silhouette - the first Lamborghini plate
Cropped glimpse of just the front profile of a white Lamborghini Silhouette parked on the road

PERFORMANCE All the Lamborghini power, even more driving fun.

The mid-engined Silhouette was the evolution of the Urraco and had only 53 units built, with the last being used and tested as the Jalpa prototype. Despite a typical berlinetta design, its V8 engine had an output of 250 CV allowed for a top speed of 260 km/h, making the Silhouette one of the most comfortable supercars of its time.

Cropped image showing the rear end of a white Lamborghini Silhouette.

Design A design able to conquer America.

Born from the evolution of the Urraco, and as the first Lamborghini with a Targa roof, the Silhouette was expressly conceived to be successful in the American market of open-roof berlinettas, thanks to a detachable roof that could be stored behind the comfortable seats.