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  • The picture shows a black iPhone on the windshield of a Lamborghini, supported by a special holder. The iPhone's screen displays the app’s tachometry function.

track & play

Track and Play is the official telemetry instrument for every Aventador and Huracán owner.

The App uses highly precise system data supplied directly by a separate control unit in the vehicle (available at every authorized Lamborghini Dealer and Service Point).

With the Track and Play App, lap times can be measured automatically via GPS and precise vehicle data (including video) can be recorded, analyzed and managed directly on your device.

Cropped image detailing the app’s tachometry tool and showing the time and ghost time values. Cropped detail of the app screen with various tools: record, analysis, settings.


Through our augmented reality official app, you'll gain access to exclusive and previously unreleased content by Lamborghini Magazine.

By using your smartphone or tablet camera, you'll be able to enjoy a virtual journey through breathtaking landscapes behind the wheel of a Lamborghini, as well as get an exclusive premiere of all the features of models just launched on the market.

These functions make it possible to experience content produced exclusively for Lamborghini Magazine that cannot be seen anywhere else.

mage showing the app's dark screen which reads: Lamborghini Magazine And below this, in yellow Issue 18 1.2016 Cropped image showing another detail of the screen with yellow lettering in a gray box: Lamborghini AR.