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  • Sián FKP 37 traveling along the road
Detail of three-quarter left rear view of Sián FKP 37


The Sián FKP 37 has arrived: the first supercapacitor-based hybrid V12 by Automobili Lamborghini. Power, beauty and the iconic Lamborghini V12 engine are coupled with an electric boost to create an unrivaled gem of engineering and technology characterized by genuine Lamborghini DNA.
Sián,  thunderbolt in Bologna’s dialect, a name that underscores  various aspects of the car. Its speed, which goes beyond 350 km/h, its impetuous beauty, the close ties with the Bologna area, and its explosive arrival in the world of super sports cars.

Detail of front of Sián FKP 37


Start. This is when pure emotion begins. Because electrification doesn’t have to mean going unnoticed.
The most exciting soundtrack you can listen to on the road is the sound of a Lamborghini engine, and the new Sián FKP 37 doesn’t debunk the myth. The iconic V12 delivers 785 CV, the highest ever reached by a Lamborghini engine. Added to this is a 48V electric motor coming directly out of the gearbox, for an immediate and better performance during acceleration and gear shifting. 
And it’s a world first: no other mild-hybrid vehicle has ever had a direct connection between the electric motor and wheels.
Finally, with 720 Nm of torque, the perception of acceleration is second to none: driving it isn’t just a pleasure, but an emotion without limits.


The Design DNA of Lamborghini is taken to its peak levels: inspired by the Countach, the Sián FKP 37 has sharp lines, aerodynamic elegance and an unmistakable silhouette. 
Its totally carbon fiber body leaves you breathless. The electrochromic roof and moving surfaces controlled by smart materials are sculpted by innovative lines. The Terzo Millennio-inspired headlights leave behind an indelible luminous signature that will shape future Lamborghini design.

Detail of left tail light of Sián FKP 37 Three-quarter right front image of Sián FKP 37 Three-quarter right rear image of Sián FKP 37 Detail of left side of Sián FKP 37
Three-quarter right front image of Sián FKP 37


The emotion that a Lamborghini gives starts even before you drive it. Inside the Lamborghini Sián FKP 37, luxurious Italian craftsmanship meets technology and comfort. The interior is designed to give the best driving experience possible: comfort with an adrenaline-charged feeling of acceleration. What’s more, the recurring elements of Lamborghini design are featured on the inside: the Y-shaped stylistic features, the hexagon and the meticulous attention to perfection in every detail.

  • The new Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 is a technological marvel able to fire up incredibly strong emotions. The most extraordinary innovation is the hybrid system, aimed at providing power and lightness at the same time. The innovative lightweight mild-hybrid architecture has a lithium-ion supercapacitor, which is three times more powerful than a battery of the same weight. It’s a low voltage 48V system which enables current peaks of up to 600A to be reached. Powered by this current, the electric motor delivers engine torque directly to the rear wheels, and during braking it uses the inertia to recharge the capacitor. The electrical power flow is symmetrical and ensures the same efficiency during the charge and discharge cycles, without overheating.

Technical specifications

    • engine

      V12, 60°, MPI (Multi Point Injection)

    • displacement

      6,498 cm³ (396.5 cu in)

    • bore x stroke

      95 mm x 76.4 mm (3.74 x 3.01 in)

    • compression ratio

      11.8 ± 0.2

    • max. power

      785 CV (577 kW) @ 8,500 rpm

    • max. torque

      720 Nm @ 6,750 rpm

    • lubrification system

      Dry sump

    • emission class

      Euro 6 - LEV 3

    • Supercapacitor tension supply


    • Supercapacitor power density

      2.400 W/kg

    • max operating current


    • max. power

      34 CV

    • max. torque

      38 Nm

    • e-machine weight + Supercapacitor

      34 kg

    • combined power

      819 CV

    • transmission

      Electronically controlled all-wheel drive system (Haldex gen. IV) with rear mechanical self-locking differential

    • gearbox

      ISR (Independent Shifting Rods) gearbox with 7 speeds, shifting characteristic depending on drive select mode, electric motor works during the shifting and as boost

    • max. speed

      >350 km/h (217 mph)

    • acceleration 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph)

      <2,8 s

    • acceleration 0-200

    • braking 100-0 km/h (62-0 mph)

    • chassis

      Carbon fiber monocoque with aluminum front and rear frames

    • body

      full carbon fiber body

    • top roof

      electrochromic glass fixed on the monocoque roof

    • mirrors

      Electrically operated, heated and foldable

    • aerodynamics

      New active areo electrically powered

    • front rims

      9”J X 20” H2

    • rear rims

      13”JX21” H2

    • front tires

      P Zero Corsa 255/30 ZR 20 92Y

    • rear tires

      P Zero Corsa 355/25 ZR 21 107Y

    • control system

      Electronic Stability Control (integrated ABS and TCS)

    • suspensions

      Push rod magneto rheologic active front and rear suspension with horizontal dampers and springs

    • steering type / steering system

      LDS (Lamborghini Dynamic Steering) with variable steering ratio

    • brakes

      Dual hydraulic circuit brake system with vacuum brake booster; front and rear CCB (6-cylinder brake calipers, 4-cylinder brake calipers)

    • airbags

      Front dual stage driver airbag and front adaptive passenger airbag; seats with side “head-thorax” airbags; knee airbags in selected markets

    • length

      4,980 mm

    • width (excluding mirrors)

      2,101 mm

    • width (including mirrors)

      2,265 mm

    • height

      1,133 mm

    • wheelbase

      2,700 mm

    • weight

    • weight distribution

      43 / 57

    • l/100km

    • CO2 Emission


    • Emission Law

      Reg. USA and Canada


The car has been designed to offer the widest possible range of customizations: from the exterior, which can be configured in fully  exposed carbon fiber, with custom colors, shaded paintwork and specific liveries; to the interior, with special trim and an infinite number of combinations of colors and materials. An innovative “touch and feel” leather is also available, specially developed for the Sián FKP 37, which is extremely pleasant to the touch.

Detail of Lamborghini Bronze rim Detail of hood of Sián FKP 37 Detail of right rear spoiler of Sián FKP 37 with logo 63