Celebrating Espada and Islero’s 50th Birthday


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The tour dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Espada and Islero took off in the green heart of Italy, where 20 units of these classic jewels gathered in Perugia and took to the surrounding roads of the unspoilt and fascinating region of Umbria. The colored and sinuous convoy then passed through iconic and evocative Tuscan landscapes up to the native land of Emilia Romagna, where it reached the Lamborghini headquarters in Sant’Agata Bolognese after almost 800 km. 

A joy for the eyes (and ears!) able to turn back time, the tour created a warm sense of camaraderie among the participating clients and collectors who share the enthusiastic passion for the classic cars from the House of the Raging Bull. Each car and owner hid a curious story worth being told, and Stefano Domenicali, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, mentioned three of them during the elegant conclusive dinner.

The 1973 Espada Series 3, chassis 9300, received the award for having the same owner for the longest period of time. In fact, it was purchased as a used car in January 1977 by an English couple and it was their only family car for years: used on a daily basis to go to work and accompany the children to school, it is considered to be part of the family so much that it was recently restored and registered for the tour on the occasion of the golden wedding anniversary of its crew. 

The award for the car that came from farthest away, driven on the road, went to the very rare Espada Series 2, chassis 8386, one of only 12 produced with the VIP outfitting. The Norwegian crew of father and son, who made the round trip from Oslo, traveled a total of 6000 km.  

The recognition for the car most “faithful” to Sant’Agata Bolognese went to the 1968 Islero S, chassis 6435, one of the very few equipped with right-hand drive among the total of only 70 Islero S models produced, owned by an English collector. Driven every year from England to Sant’Agata Bolognese for servicing, it was purchased new in 1969 and then passed down to the owner’s son in 1993. Only in recent times it entered its second ownership.

Also participating in the tour were two cars from the Lamborghini Museum, an Espada Series 3 (chassis 9090 of 1976) in the color Blu Notte and an Islero (chassis 6330 of 1968) in Rosso Amaranto. 

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