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Lamborghini’s Biodiversity Project celebrates National Tree Day

21 november 2020

Lamborghini is always inspired by the future, which is why it is celebrating National Tree Day with the results of its carbon-capture Biodiversity Project.

In 2011, Lamborghini took an important step on the long road to preserving our planet by planting 9000 oak trees. The idea behind the Lamborghini Biodiversity Project was to work together with the Universities of Bologna, Bolzano and Munich to stimulate research on how best to maintain biodiversity, limit carbon release and temper climate change. Eventually the road chosen was that of rewilding a certain area near the company headquarters with oak trees, as nature itself is an excellent carbon absorber. 

In the years that have come and gone since then, our experts have continually monitored “Parco Lamborghini” and our analyses show that the 9000 trees we planted have captured no less than 6.3t of carbon and around 25t has been stored in the ground.

This is a true cause for celebration, especially on National Tree Day, and shows once again Lamborghini’s commitment to continuing the journey it has taken towards a more sustainable future.