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Adventure in Iceland, travel diary aboard the Urus. Day 1


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Lamborghini continues to explore the most beautiful places and roads in the world aboard its masterpieces. This time it’s the turn of the Super SUV Urus, which with its fantastic versatility effortlessly took to the roads and off the road in the unique Icelandic landscapes.

We have asked Simonluca Pini, Contributing Editor of “Sole 24 Ore”, to keep a travel diary and tell us about this beautiful two-day adventure.

Iceland is a magical place. In less than 100 kilometers, you can travel through every season, going from the sun sparkling on the moss on the mountains to a violent snowfall. Our adventure in the land discovered by the Vikings begins at the Blue Lagoon, a geothermal area featuring large thermal pools where you can immerse yourself in the 38°C (100°F) water: a must-see for any trip to Iceland. Aboard the Urus, we drive along Lake Kleifarvatn, a deep lake of volcanic origin that legend says is home to a monster that looks like a worm but is as big as a whale. Leaving the monster behind, we head toward Seltún, where we get out of our travelling companion to walk along the boardwalk that leads through the area amidst solfataras, mudpots, and fumaroles. You have to prepare yourself for the overwhelming smell of rotten eggs, but this is a walk not to be missed. The next stop on our adventure is Krýsuvíkurberg, a stretch of desolate black cliffs where, according to legend, the rocks that sprout from the sea were trolls petrified by the sunlight. Following the lunch break and now 250 kilometers out, we turn the hood of the Urus toward the black sand beach of Myrdalshreppur. Carefully following the track on the sand – the Icelanders are very attentive to protecting the environment, and it is prohibited to go off-road except on specially approved routes –, we arrive just a few meters from the ocean. From here we set off for one of the most characteristic sites of Iceland: the black glacier of Kötlujökull. To reach it, we set the Anima selector on Terra, making our Urus perfect for off-road driving, crossing fords and passing over stretches of truly rugged terrain. Around us, the black mountains make us forget we are in the heart of the glacier, thanks to the dark color given by the ash, and above all they create a unique backdrop due to the rapid movement of the ice. Back on the road, the added value of Iceland becomes clear to us: hundreds of kilometers without meeting a single car, just a few sheep and truly unforgettable scenery. Our first day of adventure is over. Tomorrow, 500 kilometers of travel await us.

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