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“La Prima”: the factory deliveries have started

3 Avril 2019

“La Prima”, “the first” in Italian, is the opening night of a play or a movie premiere. At Lamborghini, it’s the name we’ve given to the unique experience that makes the unveiling of every new vehicle an unforgettable thrill with a complete plunge into the Lamborghini world, during which the new Aventador, Huracán or Urus will be unveiled to its owner at the Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters.

“La Prima” also offers a Lifestyle Experience of several days on board the new vehicle or one provided by the program. The suggested itineraries, which can be selected from sixteen different ones, are designed to put the performance of the vehicle to the test amidst Italian history, culture and flavors with a 24/7 Concierge service always active.

Making the beginning of a story full of passion unforgettable: this is “La Prima”. Exclusivity, anticipation, emotion. “La Prima” has just made its debut, and these very feelings are the ones experienced by the first customer to attend “La Prima” for his Huracán.

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