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Urus in pills: “Smart Lifestyle”

12 Avril 2019

The pleasure of driving Urus is amplified by the smart systems that make it an extremely safe vehicle in all situations.
The Super SUV analyzes the road and traffic, and selects the adaptive reactions to assist the driver in controlling the vehicle. During long trips, the Adaptive Cruise Assist with Active Lane Assist recognizes the roadway and keeps the vehicle in the center to improve comfort and safety, while the Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop&Go function automatically keeps the safety distance from the other vehicles by adjusting the speed. Urus is able to monitor the other road users and recognizes the different traffic situations and any cyclists and pedestrians along its route with the aid of the Lamborghini PreCognition system. By integrating various systems, the vehicle will alert the driver or slow down in heavy traffic, up to the point of fully braking should potential dangerous situations arise, such as an oncoming vehicle in the opposite lane during a left-hand turn. With the support of the radar sensors installed at the ends of Urus, the Rear Cross Traffic Assist monitors rear traffic when exiting a parking spot in reverse and alerts the driver or activates automatic braking to prevent collisions. When stopped, it is always best to look back before getting out, but if an unseen vehicle arrives, door release is briefly delayed and the passenger is alerted in order to prevent potential collisions.

Now it is time to relax, sit behind the wheel and enjoy the thrills of the road!

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