Consumo di carburante e valori di emissione di tutti i veicoli promossi in questa pagina - Consumo ed Emissioni combinato: 14,6 - 13,2 l/100km ; Emissioni di CO2 combinate: 365 g/km - 332 g/km (WLTP)


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Italian Tour

Romagna & Marche Italia

Riviera lifestyle: Romagna & Marche On the Road

Last wave of the Italian Tour: Lamborghini will take you through the sweet hills and coast of the Romagna region on an unforgettable journey. During the day, you will be hosted in some of the most fascinating hamlets reserved exclusively for our tour. At night, delicious food and drinks by the beach will introduce you to the Riviera life. For further information contact a dealer.
9th-12th September

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