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Познакомьтесь с новой моделью Huracán STO, используя видеоролики, фото-реалистичные изображения суперкара и многое другое, чтобы ощутить наслаждение и восторг от созерцания каждой детали последнего творения Lamborghini V10.

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Lamborghini FAB Talks: podcast stories of transformation

If you are looking for a challenge to transform your life, then the Lamborghini FAB Talks podcast will be music to your ears. In line with the Lamborghini Female Advisory Board (FAB), this initiative features the stories of eight influential women, who have revolutionized perspectives and overcome all obstacles in order to drive positive change.

From a prominent lawyer, an entrepreneur, a businesswoman and a crime fighting mathematician to a racing driver, creative director, event planner and NBPA director, all of these courageous women, who see the Lamborghini brand and the FAB platform as a real opportunity for personal empowerment, are ready to share their incredible experiences. These are stories based on a desire to shake up the world we live in and they offer not only inspiration, but also insight and practical support and advice on how to channel your pioneering and dynamic spirit.

Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer for Automobili Lamborghini commented on the FAB Talks initiative as follows: “Lamborghini is a brand that is constantly transforming, overcoming obstacles and driving for new levels of ground-breaking technologies, innovation and success. And this approach to challenge and change is reflected in the aims of the FAB and in the stories of our members, and we’re proud to tell some of those narratives through our podcast project.”

So, if you want to be to be inspired and hear how eight exceptional women took their lives in exciting new directions, check out the FAB Talks podcast on either the FutureFAB website at https://future.fab.lamborghini/ or anywhere else you get your podcasts (Apple Podcast in the “New & Noteworthy” category, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher).