通过视频、汽车效果图等探索全新Huracán STO,享受Lamborghini最新V10杰作的每个细节。

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Lamborghini & design concorso d'eleganza

Design, culture and 300 kilometers of exquisite landscapes are the key words of “Lamborghini & Design – Concorso d’eleganza”, now in its second edition.

This year’s event will take place September 19-21, culminating with the award to the most elegant Lamborghini.

The journey begins in Venice, one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its canals and palaces, true jewels of Italian art history, and finishes closed to Trieste, the “little Vienna on the sea”, a fascinating intermingling of architectural styles and cultures, the Concorso will take place.

Tel. +39 02 39884988

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