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Entdecken Sie den neuen Huracán STO anhand von Videos, Fahrzeug-Renderings und vielem mehr, um jedes einzelne Detail der neuesten Lamborghini V10-Kreation zu genießen.

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The Lamborghini Playlist for Your Summer Road Trip

The Huracán EVO RWD was born to deliver pure, unfiltered driving excitement. Driving skills and mechanics make the difference, with a return to the authenticity of the “rear-wheel drive” embracing the origins of the mechanical purity – the true essence of a Lamborghini. While returning to tangible pleasures and sensations of a rear-wheel drive super sports car, we are reminded of the sensations gifted by flicking through the pages of a book or listening to the analog sound of music on a vinyl record.

With all this in mind, we have created a playlist for the Lamborghini Magazine #26 which you can now listen to and let yourself be transported. You’re now ready for your summer road trip…

Listen to the Lamborghini Magazine #26 Playlist >