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Urus: Four Things You should Know

17 Oktober 2019

Urus was born to make history: the first Super SUV in the world is an extremely versatile car that embodies all of Lamborghini’s experience in the supercar sector to provide incredible performance on any surface. Here are the four ingredients of its success: 

Its design was inspired by the Aventador and LM002

The challenge of the Lamborghini Design Centre was to create a supercar featuring unprecedented proportions. The designers took inspiration from its great predecessor, the LM002, and the extreme lines of the Aventador. Features such as its front air intake and large wheel arches reminiscent of a 1980s SUV, combined with the Aventador’s DNA, have taken on an unexpected dynamic character in the new Urus. It resulted in the lowest SUV of its kind with proportions that are similar to those of a supercar.
It is the first turbo engine in the history of Lamborghini, not the first V8

The Urus’s 650 CV V8 twin-turbo engine is perfect for a SUV whose soul is torn between being a sports car and an off-road vehicle. But not everybody knows that the first V8 in the history of Lamborghini was the one installed on the Urraco in 1972, followed by the Silhouette, manufactured between 1976 and 1979, and the Jalpa in 1981. This tradition resurfaced in 2018 with an engine that, when put into CORSA (“race”) mode, brings back the thrill associated with the supercars that hail from Sant’Agata.

The Tamburo controls how the Urus drives

The Tamburo is the Urus’s control centre, which allows you to change the vehicle’s drive settings in just a few steps and whilst driving. It includes an ANIMA selector, the ignition, a driving mode selector for the gears, and personal settings in EGO mode. With an aeronautically inspired design, it allows you to adjust the engine’s power, the transmission, the ESC system (Electronic Stability Control), the steering mode, RWS (Rear Wheel Steering), the dynamic control of the traction (Torque Vectoring), the rear differential, the suspension response (Active Damper), the height of the vehicle, and the active roll stabilization.

The first Lamborghini with an electronic driver-assistance system

For daily use, the Urus offers all the comforts of a city car. This is thanks to its 23 driver-assistance sensors that are constantly monitoring the status of the car, the road, and the traffic, providing support to the driver when they are on the road. The ADAS system (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) helps the driver to keep the vehicle in its lane, to keep at a safe distance, it detects potential obstacles up ahead, and it activates a brake assist system in an emergency. 

Verbrauchs- und Emissionswerte aller Fahrzeuge auf dieser Seite - Kombinierter Verbrauch: 14 - 14 mpg
Kombinierter Verbrauch: 14 - 14 mpg