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  • Full screen image of a metallic gray Lamborghini Islero as seen from the side. The overlay reads: Islero - sports car for 4
Cropped close-up of the tailpipe

PERFORMANCE The Lamborghini Islero is power.

The Lamborghini Islero was the GT 400's successor and debuted at the 1968 Geneva Auto Show.
The 2+2 Coupè immediately highlighted Lamborghini's expertise in terms of engine output, chassis, and overall performance.

Cropped driver's side view of the inside of the metallic gray Lamborghini Islero showing the steering wheel, driver's seat and shift stick, all in light-colored leather.

Design Luxurious interior.

Production ceased after 225 models, of which the last 70 were put on the market in 1969 with a few changes to the body and luxurious interiors in the Islero S version.