• The image focuses on only one side of a blue Lamborghini Concept Asterion seen from the rear. The open door shows a part of the interior with the light leather driver's seat and steering wheel.
  • The image views the interior of the Lamborghini Concept Asterion as seen from the front, showing the light leather upholstery with cowhide trim: the entire instrument panel can be seen with steering wheel and full instrumentation.
  • The photo shows a three-quarter rear view of a blue Lamborghini Concept Asterion with taillights on, set against an undistinguished backdrop.
  • asterion


The most visionary models, these unique specimens are set to define the highest limits of technology and design. Unveiled at the most prestigious international Motor Shows, they offer an exclusive look at the most innovative solutions that Lamborghini may adopt in its future series-production models.

The picture shows a blue Lamborghini Asterion as seen from the rear. The cropped image offers a close-up of the taillights on a blue Lamborghini Concept Asterion.
  • Terzo Millennio
  • Asterion
  • Estoque