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Giro 2017: A Tour Through the Pacific Northwest


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Once a year, a select group of Lamborghini owners are granted the opportunity to traverse the most breathtaking highways of North America for the ultimate driving experience, Giro. Every moment is curated to be the embodiment of the all-encompassing luxury and indulgence that goes hand-in-hand with Lamborghini ownership.

The 2017 chapter of Giro took to the scenic Pacific Northwest for a picturesque tour through humbling landscapes, awe-inspiring waters, and premier accommodations.  

Traveling from Seattle to Portland over the course of four days, guests stayed in a handful of the nation’s premier resorts, participated in specially curated excursions along the coast, and indulged in private dining experiences from the region’s most renowned chefs. 

Upon kickoff in Seattle, guests were invited for an exclusive tour of the Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory – where groundbreaking developments in carbon fiber are born and where the future of the automotive world is being shaped. It was a riveting experience that allowed everyone to fully immerse themselves in the past and future of Lamborghini. 

The following day, drivers departed Seattle and prepared to cross the Puget Sound aboard the Bainbridge Island Ferry – an epic sight to behold as 23 colorful cars made the passing to the delight of locals. Upon arrival in Port Ludlow, owners were surprised with an experience that was anything but a typical view of Seattle’s surrounding waters. Guests were treated to a breathtaking private seaplane excursion above crystal clear waters that granted a new perspective of the awe-inspiring Pacific coast. 

A spirited afternoon drive back to the Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle left guests with a rush of adrenaline before settling down for dinner downtown.

The next day upon departure for Oregon, Giro participants enjoyed a few landmark stops along the way. Crossing the historic Astoria-Megler Bridge, the colorful caravan of cars made a celebrated entrance for lunch in Astoria. The afternoon was filled with an incredible drive down the renowned US Route 101 along the Oregon coast, passing Cannon Beach and other iconic landmarks. The scenery is so remarkable along the coastline, the group spontaneously pulled over several times to revel in the landscape and to take in the immense beauty of the Pacific Northwest. It was a humbling moment for all involved.

An intimate outdoor dinner at the Salishan Spa & Golf Resort and a special beach bonfire was held under the stars, allowing the group to take in the full splendor of Oregon’s natural beauty.

Sunday marked the final driving day of Giro and the last stop on this year’s journey. Arriving in Portland, guests experienced a rooftop lunch overlooking the city and had an afternoon to explore downtown. On a perfect evening, as the sun set over grape-bearing vines, guests experienced another special outdoor dinner to cap off the trip. Complete with wine-tastings and a farm-to-table spread, the farewell dinner of Giro 2017 was one to remember.

On top of unique experiences in Washington and Oregon, including private dinners, five-star accommodations, and stunning drives through stunning forests and small coastal towns, there is more to enjoy during Giro aside from the unforgettable drives and excursions. 

Year after year, the true highlight of Giro is the opportunity to come together with people that our owners consider family. To many, it equates to an annual reunion, and a chance to share in the experience of traveling together through new destinations. The cars are, of course, something owners find immense passion in, but we are reminded that they also come back to continue building the friendships and commonalities they have developed with these like-minded individuals. One recurring guest admires that “here, there are no airs to put on, there is no competition of wealth, but it’s about getting to know these people on deeper and more personal levels and developing friendships that are cherished for a lifetime.” 

As soon as Lamborghini Giro concludes, owners are already anticipating what the next tour will hold. And as one of our most sough-after events to attend, calendars are already marked in advance for the next July. For more information about Giro and other Lamborghini events, we encourage you to visit LamborghiniAllAccess.com or connect directly with your preferred Authorized Lamborghini Dealer.