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"Lamborghini Design Legend" opening at the Museum of Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg


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"Lamborghini Design Legend" is opening at Erarta, hosted in the new wing of St. Petersburg’s Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. Showing through 14 January 2018, the exhibition tells the story behind the design of the House of Sant’Agata Bolognese from its founding to the present day, featuring a number of iconic models from the history of the brand along with canvases created by one of the designers of Centro Stile Lamborghini.

The exhibition showcases five cars and six style models: from the aristocratic elegance of the 400GT with a 1965 body by Touring Superleggera, to the 1966 revolution in taste and technology represented by the Miura, the first masterpiece by Gandini with Carrozzeria Bertone, and up to the Lamborghini design of today with the one-off Centenario, created by Centro Stile Lamborghini in 2016. 

The display also features engines, including the ten-time winner of the World Powerboat Championship in the Offshore category, as well as the company’s contemporary racing activity represented by a rare Diablo GT and a Gallardo Super Trofeo.