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Lamborghini Match-Up for the Big Game

17 february 2020

Chiefs and 49ers fans converged on Miami in early February for spirited celebration of the NFL Super Bowl®—the undisputed highlight for millions of American sports lovers each year. Lamborghini was there to push the party to full speed, inviting select guests to an exclusive test-drive opportunity around the city’s bayfront area. 

In personalized and extended sessions, drivers tasted the freewheeling thrill of handling an array of the latest Lamborghini models. The twin-turbocharged Urus Super Sport Utility Vehicle delivered sleek and luxurious fun as it slipped past a row of moored superyachts, while the very presence of the agile new Huracán EVO drew admiring looks from our fellow football fans as the car maneuvered through the sunny streets. 

Miami, known as the Magic City, certainly proved to be an exceptional setting for this unique occasion. Those already familiar with the invigorating sensation of driving a Lamborghini were able to explore the models with exhilarating depth; those newly introduced to the Raging Bull, meanwhile, walked away enthusiastic believers—heart racing and utterly fired up for game time. 

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