Explorer Luca Bracali Drives Urus where Wild and Design blend

With his passion for discovery and exploration, Italian photographer, film maker and adventurer Luca Bracali has traveled and documented beauty in 145 countries, telling the story of the world's wild beauty through his images. We learned more in a conversation aboard a Lamborghini Urus in the heart of the Dolomites, the home of his all-time hero Reinhold Messner. 

With its bold, daring design, Zaha Hadid’s Messner Mountain Museum in Plan de Corones distils the true spirit of the illustrious mountaineer who dedicated his life to adventure, thus fully resonating with Luca Bracali’s philosophy of life and the exploring soul (as well as the angular lines!) of Urus’ Lamborghini Design DNA.

Exterior and interior cladding are of cast concrete, the facade is finished in a light shade merging with the jagged limestone, while the interior is of a dark cave-like hue. The museum is themed around climbers, pioneers, philosophers. Visitors take on a voyage of discovery, descending the cascading staircases like mountain streams and roaming the various rooms for hidden artifacts. The journey’s climax is on a terrace overlooking the canyon with the vast sky above, deep drops beneath, and magical vistas of key moments in Messner’s life. MMM is the story of man and mountain – and there is a meditative energy to the building that changes as you walk through it.

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Valores de consumo de combustible y emisiones de Urus - Consumo de combustible en ciclo combinado: 12,7 l/100km ; Emisiones de CO₂ en ciclo combinado: 325 g/km (WLTP)