Lamborghini People: Virtual driving simulations

Giuseppe was born in Turin and his dream ever since early childhood was to design cars. His educational path started from the Politecnico di Torino, where he enrolled in Automotive Engineering. Together with another eight colleagues, here he founded the Formula Student Racing Team in 2005 before he transferred abroad.

Following a few years working as a race engineer, he decided to return to Italy, when he came into contact with Automobili Lamborghini. A short time later, he was called upon to lead the Vehicle Dynamic Simulations team, on which he is working still today. The essence of his work consists of driving cars in a virtual environment with both driving simulators and offline simulations. All data collected defines the path to be followed in the design stage and is shared with his other colleagues.

Teamwork is essential for his position because even though every component is made by an individual, comparison and collaboration are necessary to make the model work.

Giuseppe sees Lamborghini as a big family in which everyone respects each other. Everyone can trust one another in every team and in every discussion, and this is the pillar of every meeting and every position.