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The rebirth of Espada and Islero: 50th Anniversary Tour


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Polo Storico is celebrating the 50th anniversaries of the Espada and the Islero by completing the restoration of the two models that belong to the Museum and announcing a dedicated tour, which will take place in Italy from September 7-11, 2018.

1226 Espadas were produced during the model’s ten-year run, giving this first mass-produced four-seater from the House of the Raging Bull one of the largest production runs ever for a classic car. Designed by Marcello Gandini for Carrozzeria Bertone, the Espada stands particularly low (little less than 1.20 meters high), but is nonetheless very spacious.
The three series, I, II and III, were produced, respectively, until January 1970 (176 units), 1972 (578 units) and 1978 (472 units). The Espada has a longitudinal, front-mounted 4.0-liter V12 engine and can reach a top speed of 245 km/h. It was the first Lamborghini with an automatic transmission.

The Islero, whose official name was initially the Jslero, is a very rare model, produced from 1968 to 1970, and in two versions: the Islero (155 units) and the Islero S (70 units). Based on the 400 GT, it was designed by Mario Marazzi of Carrozzeria Marazzi. It has a longitudinal, front-mounted 4.0-liter V12 engine that enables it to reach a top speed of 250 km/h (260 km/h for the S version).

The celebrations will culminate with the Lamborghini Espada & Islero 50th Anniversary tour, taking place in Umbria from September 7-11, 2018. Collectors will be able to drive their cars for 650 km along some of the most beautiful roads in Italy, heading from Perugia to Orvieto and Assisi, then on to Tuscany, where they will travel through Chianti country, finally coming to the Apennines by way of the Mugello, and ending up in Sant’Agata Bolognese, where the guests will be able to visit the Aventador, Huracán and Urus assembly lines, as well as the Polo Storico.

Enjoy the first of three videos dedicated to the restoration of the Espada, with special interviews with Marcello Gandini and experts from the Lamborghini Polo Storico. To watch the next videos, follow us on YouTube.